This application needs the use environment of iPhoneOS more than 3.0 and a internet connection with wi-fi or 3G etc.

In order to use this application, you should purchase a license had a use period. Please select and purchase contents watching licenses.
The sales of application are the funds to keep delivering a dream to many people.
Yuzo Koga (U-ZO) present
(Engineer, Science Communicator)
*2005 a Lecturer of Hokkaido Univ.(Science Communication Program)
    The Unit of "The Science Communicator as a Profession"
*2005 Homepage Contest of Aichi Expo received the Excellent prize
*2008 The JASTJ Prize
*The Regular member of Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists

The aurora shows very close relation to the research of the aurora and the research of the global environment because it is generated in the polar region where the global environment changes appear remarkably.
We think the true porpose of this project has increase the number of people think of and act for the grobal environment problems and science we are facing now through this Aurora's experoence.
When can you watch a Aurora (Northern Lights) by this application?
The Alaskan time is GMT-for 9 hours. When Alaska is night and a nice day, you have a chance of an aurora observation by this Application (besides the summer).

Special thanks to UAF/GI

Fish-eye LiveCam
A Aurora, a midnight sun and a shooting star taken a picture of with a special camera are every 5 minutes for 30 seconds, and live broadcasting is transmitted. The camera is installed in 65.7 times of north latitude and altitude 800m (Alaska).
(Scadule : Daily )
Latest Live Archieves
This is the Semi-Live animation from FishEye-Camera which is generated automatically every 2 hours. (Scadule : Dailyg)
Video LiveCam
A Snap shot image from our special sensitive video camera is transmitted to iPhone live broadcasting. The special sensitive video camera is operated by remote control from Japan.
(Scadule : Daily, from Autumn to Spring)
Sample video movies (Youtube)
Live! Animation of Vide LiveCam
This is the Semi-Live animation from special sensitive video camera which is generated automatically every 5 minutes. (Scadule : Daily, from Autumn to Spring)
Sample video movies (Youtube)
When an Aurora (Northern Lights) showed in LiveCam, an alert mail can be recieved.
Message board, informations

[ Digest of Video LiveCam (Youtube ) ]
( Shooting star & Aurora etc . )

[ Digest of Video LiveCam (Youtube) ]
(Aurora Break Up etc.)

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